0.6.2 - Wizardry 6

Hi folks!

A quick one today. Wizardry 6 from 1990 - only one year after Hillsfar, the earliest in the Museum. Is it a new minigame? Well, it depends on who you ask... But as it's implemented here, it is different from any other in the Museum. When I was doing research for this, I found differing opinions on whether it's just a character-skill-based minigame or whether there's player skill in there as well. And, because it's so old and the code isn't adapted for modern machines, even playing it didn't give me much of a clue.



Linux 128 MB
Version 20 Mar 20, 2021
Mac 122 MB
Version 17 Mar 20, 2021
Windows 113 MB
Version 19 Mar 20, 2021

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