Update 0.2.3

Hi folks! Sorry this latest update took me a little while. I added Splinter Cell's lockpicking to the game, which uses a 3D model of a lock. And so I decided to learn some basic Blender, so I could model the thing myself. That took a while, plus I have been busier than usual with other things, as well.

But anyway, here we are! In addition to Splinter Cell, this update includes video of PickLock, a Master's thesis game from some NYU students. Normally I try to include mechanics of the game, not just video or a gif, but PickLock is played on a custom-built lockpicking controller, so implementing it in the museum would leave out the most important piece. PickLock is a worthy inclusion, though, as a game focused entirely on lockpicking.

Some other improvements include a new, modular museum hall model - you won't notice the difference yet (hopefully) but it will enable me to more easily expand the museum in the future. The modeling was done by Lysandra Nelson, based off the previous asset store models.


Linux 128 MB
Version 4 Nov 14, 2020
Windows 113 MB
Version 3 Nov 14, 2020

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Could you take a look at the UI on ultrawide (3440x1440) resolutions? Or have a resolution option to force 16:9? I keep getting stuck on UI prompts and I assume it's because some close UI options are being hidden off screen

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