Update 0.2.5 - Dust: An Elysian Tail


This update does three different things:

- Adds the minigame for "Dust: An Elysian Tail", which is an indie action-platformer with a cool action lockpicking mechanic

- Fixes Testament of Sherlock Holmes, which was sometimes impossible to complete, and confusing, regardless

- Adds some behind-the-scenes development improvements which you will hopefully never notice. If you do it's because they broke something! Let's hope not.

Astute observers will realize that this fills the current museum space; despite that, I'm not finished yet. The next update will feature a reworking of the space and changes to the layout, with different sections of curation.



Linux 128 MB
Version 9 Dec 13, 2020
Mac 122 MB
Version 6 Dec 13, 2020
Windows 113 MB
Version 7 Dec 13, 2020

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