0.5 - Floorplan redo, and Alpha Protocol/Sleeping Dogs


This update changes things a bit in the Museum - the layout has been totally redone to accommodate more minigames, as well as separate the different genres of game into different "wings". Hopefully it is still easy to navigate!

I also added the minigame for Alpha Protocol and Sleeping Dogs (the same minigame). I have four or five more on my list, and then will release the 1.0 version, and consider the museum "basically done". Exciting!


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Version 12 Dec 21, 2020
Mac 122 MB
Version 9 Dec 21, 2020
Windows 113 MB
Version 10 Dec 21, 2020

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Just letting you know, pressing D to move the lockpick to the right in the Oblivion minigame doesn't seem to work

Just had a quick run around, the only thing I will note is Thief 1+2 as much as they are simple hold key unlocks they are usually more complexed in a series of click (I think the locks are represented like a random string of numbers like 0010110 which translates into the order of picks you need to use), deus ex obvious did not have key swapping, but I can understand why they are clumped together. (I just have super fond memories of thief 1 and 2 because I have found them the best picking system ever personally)

Also in Thief 3 there was a extra mechanic of if you clicked in the right spot it would instantly unlock the current ring, I sadly remember this because it made lockpicking a joke at the time I played it and would just spin the mouse around clicking to do it near instantly

That aside (and because I dont feel knowledgeable enough in the other games) its a interesting and nice lil experience and maybe give game developers some ideas.